In the world of apparel, appearances matter! Following the latest trends in the industry, PORTLAND INK gives you finishing options on how your end product should look and feel. Don’t you want to present your customers or members with more than a simple shirt or sweater? Between folding, custom hang tags, woven labels, general relabeling and SKUing, professional poly bagging and packaging, our branding services allow you to go the extra mile – and we’ll do the walking! With our Ready-to-Retail option, your custom order can go directly from our shop to your showroom floor, or even your customer’s front door.    



Custom stitching is available, cost is depending on thread count. We can embroider hats, jackets, sweaters and more….


Tags, Labels & custom add ons

There are so many things that can be added into improve the retail value of your products, stitch in tags, custom labels, we can even add a pocket to your shirts if you want, get in touch to find out what else we can do for you, the list is endless. When it comes to standing out from the crowd, add-ons will help improve the first impression visual quality and professionalism of your product, this helps hugely with conversion rates, increasing the chances that people will further inspect the item, once that happens the product should speak for itself, the rest is up to you!


Postage & Packaging

Everything you could need to get your products where they need to go, plenty of choices for shipping, container sizes, priority/first class/business etc, we have many various options for packaging and post options. The more information you provide us with the better we will be able to tailor to your unique needs.